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How to Build Your Own Home

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SAVE $$$THOUSANDS by subcontracting
and building your own new home!

Many people are doing it, and YOU CAN, TOO.

DO NOT HIRE A BUILDER to build your new home until you've read the SECRETS
in this do-it-yourself home building and subcontracting manual. The home building and house building secrets in this book will save you thousands of $$$ in home building costs because you will do the subcontracting yourself.

"Finally!  A no-nonsense, easy to use,
step-by-step guide for building a new home... WITHOUT having to be a home building expert, WITHOUT paying a builder 30% of the cost of your home !"

Hundreds of people just like you have used this do-it-yourself home building system to successfully subcontract and build their very own dream homes ---

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If you are thinking about building a new home,
you need to start with this do-it-yourself manual.

Dear Future Home Builder:

If you've been trying to figure out how to subcontract and build your own home, you've come to the right place. I'm going to share my own personal experience and some valuable lessons that I learned.

mike pompeii My name is Mike Pompeii. I recently subcontracted and built my own home and documented the whole experience into a step-by-step PROCESS THAT YOU CAN COPY AND USE.

I am also an experienced Home Inspector who is well aware of the right way to construct a home, as well as the home construction pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. I have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in engineering, and am a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.).

I'm telling you this because I want to share my real world home building experiences with you to HELP YOU to successfully build your own new home and save LOTS OF MONEY.

Here are the facts on how much you can save:

  • If a builder is charging you $200,000 to build your home, you will probably save $60,000 by subcontracting and building it yourself.
  • If a builder is charging you $300,000 to build your home, you will probably save $90,000 by subcontracting and building it yourself.
  • If a builder is charging you $500,000 to build your home, you will probably save $150,000 by subcontracting and building it yourself.

The fact is that you CAN save about 30%
of the cost of your new home by doing it yourself.

But how is it possible to save this much money by doing it yourself?


Just think about it. When you pay a builder to build your home, you're not only paying for your home, you're also paying for that builder's profit and business overhead expenses. A builder's typical overhead expenses include their own salary, employee salaries, office expenses, rent, vehicle expenses, advertising, insurance, workers' compensation, employee benefits, telephone and computer expenses, and any other costs associated with your house. BUILDERS DON'T WORK FOR FREE!

By being your own general contractor and using my process,
you avoid these expenses and earn this extra 30% equity
the instant you move into your new home.

So where can you get my easy to use, step-by-step process that an average person can use to subcontract and build their own new home? I made it EASY for you..... I WROTE A BOOK ON IT.

how to build your own home This guidebook, titled "BUILD YOUR OWN HOME!" is an 8.5 x 11 inch, 160-page do-it-yourself manual that shows you all of the details on how to successfully subcontract and build your own new home. With thousands of copies sold, this manual is currently ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR HOME BUILDING BOOKS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE TODAY.

Before you go hire a builder, check out this simple, easy-to-use process that almost ANYONE CAN COPY AND USE to build their own new home. This book was made for someone who is not an expert in construction and who already has another 40-hour per week job.

This specialized "HOW TO" manual focuses on a no-nonsense approach and process where YOU are the general contractor and YOU will hire and manage the experts (your subcontractors) to do the actual construction work. You may not even pound a single nail! YOU WILL BE THE BOSS of your hired experts --- your subcontractors!

Items covered in this manual include:

  • Detailed step-by-step procedures for subcontracting and building your home.

  • How to do this while still keeping your other full time job and family responsibilities.

  • What to do (and what NOT to do) during the home building process.

  • Lessons learned during the process. (Don't learn the hard way.)

  • How to choose your building lot.

  • The best way to find and develop house plans and drawings.

  • What construction loans are and how they work.

  • How to save thousands of $$$ in closing costs by using a certain type of construction loan.

  • Details on planning and scheduling the construction.

  • Details on insurance and recordkeeping.

  • Essential tools and equipment that you really need. (Don't buy that expensive equipment that you may never need!)

  • Detailed information on permits, building codes, and inspections.

  • How to find and select good subcontractors.

  • The most important subcontractor. (You will be surprised!)

  • The real story on using contracts and subcontractor proposals.

  • How to work with and deal with subcontractors.

  • The GOLDEN RULE for paying your subcontractors.

  • Dozens of actual photos and figures on the construction process.

  • Details on the 6 phases of construction, what you can expect, and what you and your subcontractors will be doing in each phase.

  • Numerous "Helpful Hints" for each phase of construction.

  • How to REALLY save $THOUSANDS by doing the subcontracting yourself.

  • And much more!

If you would like to see more, go to the YELLOW BOX at the top
of this page to receive FREE SAMPLE PAGES from this manual!

NOTE: This manual is NOT a simple compilation of information you can find elsewhere. It is a well thought out and extremely useful resource that will provide solid answers and a real-life, useful process that you can copy and use to subcontract and build your own new home.

Here's what others say about this book:

"I thoroughly read your book and it was phenomenal!.....I am in the process of building my own home and thus far your book has been a significant support reference even though I have collected many resources over the last two years."
-----Ralph S., Virginia

"Just wanted to tell you that your book was excellent.....I believe that I can save over $80,000 by using your process and building and subcontracting my home by myself.....Thank you sooo much!"
-----William R., Florida

"We read a few other books about building your own home, but your book is just so much more practical..... Everything is explained very well.....The forms, schedules, and all of the lessons learned that you listed were especially valuable..... We got started last week, and are confident that this will be a great experience."
-----David and Sarah L., California

"This book is excellent because it shows a simple system that breaks down the many steps of home building into small, manageable pieces.....I highly recommend this book to anyone that is thinking about building their own home."
-----William C., Georgia

"If you are interested in being the contractor to build your own home using subs, this book is for you..... The book has great examples, tips and tricks, pitfalls, and even templates are included."
-----Frank T., Virginia

Many other people are saving thousands of $$$ by subcontracting and building their own new home. Isn't it time YOU got started?

You can now purchase "BECOME A HOME INSPECTOR!" for only $29 plus shipping.

The home building book "BUILD YOUR OWN HOME!" will be shipped within 24 hours of your order via USPS Mail for $29 plus shipping.

We accept most major credit cards or PayPal.

Click the Buy Now button to order.

home building book GUARANTEE: If you're not completely satisfied with "Build Your Own Home!", for any reason, I will refund your money within 2 weeks of your purchase. It's that simple. I am so convinced that you will be delighted with this home building book, I'm giving you a full 2 weeks to decide!

Best wishes,

Mike Pompeii, P.E.




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